We are going to release the software developed as open source. Not all is already available, but will be. It has been developed using Java, so that in principle it will run on any platform. However, at present the acquisition module uses Quicktime technology, thus, unfortunately, is not running on Linux systems (although it is possible to develop a specific module basing on some other technology).


A preliminary release has been presented at the European Congress of Telepathology, Budapest, July 2006. Take also a look at the viewer.

Support modules


CivilCapture is an image capture plugin developed basing on the LTI-civil multiplatform Java library; runs on Windows, Macosx, Linux.

IJStage and IJSerial

During the development of eSlide, we had to develop some general-purpose modules based on the ImageJ image processing software, including a stage controller and a serial plugin (IJStage and IJSerial).

Older software

We firstly developed a Javascript/DOM version of the viewer, fully functional although with some limitation (those kind of things now called AJAX). You can find it here (v.0.4.2).